Thursday, October 30, 2014

Roamer Dinghy – Part 2

Here are three photos of a ‘stitch and tape’ Roamer dinghy being sailed by members of the Dinghy Cruising Association. She is a little unusual, because she is rigged with a high-peaked standing lugsail. The original Roamer was a Bermudan sloop.

Plans for this version may be obtained from Paul Fisher*. However, you will also have to purchase the original plans from the Dinghy Cruising Association for certain details, and to pay royalty fees. Getting them may not be easy, because their website does no mention Roamer, their most famous dinghy designed by Eric Coleman, the founder of the Association. I’m not sure if plans are still available.

I was a member of the Association for about 13 years, but when I bought ‘Bumper’***, a Newbridge Virgo Voyager, I let my membership lapse. I know that was some ago when they were looking for a member to be responsible for the oversight of the Roamer plans, their publication, registration, and sales.

Having owned a Roamer, I can highly recommend her for open boat cruising. The drawback for me was the necessity of setting up a boom tent at the end of the day and taking it down at outset of the next. My Paradox ‘Minnow’ is a far better boat in this respect, and far better for single-handed cruising.



*Paul Fisher Stitch and Tape Plans for the DCA ‘Roamer’ Dinghy £36.00 including VAT

Roamer Dinghy ‘Laputa’

Roamer Dinghy Cruising Boat Project Open Boat (Laputa**)

Dinghy Cruising Association

 ***Boats I have owned – Part 5 ‘Bumper’

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Norfolk Gypsy 20

This 19’ 9” two berth cruiser offers a lot to boast about, including top quality fittings in brass, bronze and galvanized steel. Robustly built of moulded GRP she has safety features such as a well in the foredeck for anchor work, a furling Genoa and a centreboard that can be operated from the cockpit. A more than adequate stainless steel pushpit adds to security for her crew. Prospective owners of new boats have a choice of a diesel inboard or an outboard engine in a well. I have a feeling the boat featured here has an inboard engine.

Advertised by the builder (Neil Thompson Boats) as a Gunter rig sloop, strictly speaking she has a high-peaked gaff, slab reefing mainsail. She was designed by Andrew Wolstenholme in 1989.


Neil Thompson Boats – Builders of the Norfolk Gypsy

Norfolk Gypsy Owners Association

Norfolk Gypsy

Andrew Wolstenholme Yacht Design

For Sale Some Pre-owned Norfolk Gypsy trailer sailers

Norfolk Gypsy 20 for Sale £28,750

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

'Drifter', a Small Sailing Cruiser, perhaps a Finesse 21

I have not been able to positively identify this delightful small sailing cruiser, but she is similar to an A. F. Platt Finesse 21. The Finesse 24 would appear to have a higher cabin trunk, and differently shaped ports. ‘Drifter’, the boat featured here, has running backstays, whereas a Finesse 24 has standing backstays, and the former has been fitted with a bowsprit, making her a cutter. ‘Sea Bear’, the Finesse 21 for sale* at Watchet, has a single backstay and three shrouds either side. The two boats look very much alike.

This sort of sturdily constructed vessel with a centreplate and bilge runners is ideal for the shallow waters of the East Coast.


A F Platt (Finesse) Ltd.

Finesse 21- Sailboat

*Finesse 21 8Sea Bear’ for Sale £8,950

Finesse 24 for Sale £4,250 (Sold)

Finesse 24s for Sale

Monday, October 27, 2014

‘Minnow’ for Sale

As most readers will know, I have been advertising ‘Minnow’ at Ebay. (Item Number 161437876632) The advertisement is due to expire tomorrow at 16.57. I shall not be renewing this specific advert after it has expired, but if she is unsold within the next few months, and I’m still of a mind to sell her, I’ll reconsider advertising her again, perhaps in the spring of 2015.

There are a number of people who have expressed an interest in her, and at the moment she is for sale. If I change my mind, I’ll let readers know via the blog. Meanwhile, any interested parties can contact me as they have before, by email or telephone. For new enquirers the email is barnacleid at yahoo dot co dot uk and the phone number is 07588288060.

I have had enquiries from people in different countries in Europe, but I want to make it clear that I am NOT prepared to arrange transport to anywhere abroad, or in the UK.

I highly recommend prospective buyers to see the boat before making offers. I will only accept cash or cashed cheques by way of payment. 



Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stella Class Yacht


Here’s a very nice example of a Stella seen at Titchmarsh Marina.


Stella Class Association

Stella (Yacht)

Wooden Ships – Stella

Stella Class Yacht for Sale £5,000

Stella Tucker Brown for Sale £4,500

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cornish Shrimper – Part 2

To own a new sailing boat these days you have to part with a fortune. A 19’ Cornish Shrimper will set you back £24,950 inclusive of VAT, and that’s for the outboard version. The inboard model will require £33,600. To either boat it would appear you have to add the cost of a trailer, probably requiring another £1,500, and there will be various bits of chandlery to acquire such as a steering compass, an additional anchor, warps, fenders etc.

With this one (not for sale) seen at Titchmarsh Marina, the owner has devised a plywood support for her four stroke Mariner 6 outboard engine to suspend it above the water while in the marina. This will prevent weed and other growth from attaching itself to the shaft and prop, and also it will eliminate damage to these parts by electrolysis.

A second-hand Shrimper with all the bits and pieces, including a trailer, would require between £11,000 and £13,000.


Cornish Shrimper

Cornish Shrimper

 The Shrimper Owners Association

 Bobcary Boatyard – Specialists in Shrimpers

Friday, October 24, 2014

Drascombe Dabber ‘Bramble’

A new Drascombe Dabber without a Mariner 3.5 HP recommended engine will set you back £11,475 - that’s without a road trailer which will cost a further £1,500 inclusive of VAT.  Add to that the cost of a new outboard amounting to about £600 the total outlay would be £13,575!

A used Drascombe Dabber with all the bits and pieces, including a trailer and engine may be had for as little as £3,500.

I saw ‘Bramble’ at Titchmarsh Marina.  As far as I know, she is NOT for sale.



Drascombe Dabber

Drascombe Dabber

Drascombe Association – About Drascombes

Second-hand Complete Package for a 2004 Dabber at £6,250

1975 Drascombe Dabber for Sale £3,500 (Believed to be complete package with engine and trailer)

Drascombe Dabber for Sale £4,100 (Complete package)

Pottering – Part 61 (Featuring photos of a Drascombe Dabber)