Friday, November 21, 2014

Sailboat Links for You While I’m on Shore Leave

The essential function of the Internet is the transference of information between computers, and much of the information takes the form of stored knowledge by means of digital systems. Knowledge empowers those who posses it. An essential characteristic of the human is his ‘frontal lobe’ which is the part of his brain that processes knowledge, and accordingly he can determine actions and responses to it. Our curiosity and quest for more knowledge is almost universal for those who have cognitive ability.

 In recent days, anyone with a TV, radio, computer or smartphone will have heard of Philea, the spacecraft that landed on Comet 67P after 3,907 days getting there from the surface of the earth. This is one example of man’s quest for knowledge, and of man’s desire to tell others of his discoveries.

Now, it’s no secret that all of us have particular interests, and we are motivated by them. We delight in learning more of them and applying our newfound knowledge for our satisfaction. Many who read these pages are avid consumers of facts relating to small sailing craft. That is one reason why you return time and again. I happen to enjoy researching the subject which thrills me, and I get a kick out of communicating my enthusiasm.

This business of communication is another facet of human activity. We are not contented with assimilating knowledge; we want to share it with others. For this reason I want to publicize links leading to web pages containing information about many small sailboats and activities associated with them. Here they are:

 Sailboat Links Pages

‘Photos of Boats I Have Owned – Part 1’ (The first of eight pages)

Cruising Logs’ This gives access to articles I have written about my various sailboat adventures.

‘Small Sailboats’ Here, there is a collection of links to my articles featuring small sailing boats.

‘Web Links - Miscellaneous’ This takes you to a number of small sailboat websites.

Other Links

Philae (Spacecraft)

Frontal Lobe

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dreaming of Classic Wooden Yachts

 If you are like me, you are a bit of a dreamer. How pleasant it is to leave this world of reality and enter the realm of daydreams.

My fantasy dream world is in Peace Haven, the Harbour of Wooden Ships. Anchored in the sheltered cove there are many beautiful and graceful ladies of the sea. Their etched lines tell of past heroics, hard honest work, times of jubilation, triumph over the odds, and battles with the elements: wind and waves, snow, rain and fog.

The test of years has proven their worth, and they are ready for more adventures. They hunger for open waters, for fine sailing and fair winds - the Trades and palm fringed atolls, sea shanties and the laughter of happy crews. They relish the short sharp, slapping seas of the Channel, the biting, whining wind and the long ocean swells of testing and delight. Gales, and wicked waves, hail and snow; nothing can prevail against them until the sun shines again. Then, all is calm and peace. There is a gentle rolling, and the rhythmic creaking of a mast; silence until the wind returns to take them home.

When it is all done, and back in port they rest. They reflect and are glad. Men work. They repair and renovate, paint and varnish, scrape, pitch and tar; patch and sew, splice and whip, and make ready for the next adventure. They victual ship and dream.

Fine ladies of the sea are beautified again – revitalized; their bones are far from the muddy grave in The Creek of Death. Rejuvenated they live on, cherished by the sons of men of the sea who will die before them, their souls to be reunited on the everlasting Ocean of Peaceful Dreams.


Classic Yacht Brokerage

Wooden Ships

 Half Price Pilot Cutter ‘Carlotta’.

Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter £145,000

A Traditional Falmouth Gaff Cutter – ‘Ro-an-mor’

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hanse 32 C

While I was at Rice and Cole I took a single photo of this Hanse 32 C. I have since discovered she was built in Germany to a high specification, and that her interior is luxuriously fitted out. Designed by Judel/Vrolyjk she is optimised for shorthanded performance sailing with a self-tacking, furling jib, a fully battened mainsail with lazyjacks, and control lines to the cockpit. Her forward accommodation includes a double ‘v’ berth, a hanging locker and bags of shelf space. In the main cabin there is 6’ 2” standing headroom. Long settees and a large table provide ‘home’ comforts. She is light and airy on account of her port lights, both in the coachroof and the hull.

If you have £60,000 to spare and more to keep her, you will be able to get hold of a nice second-hand Hanse 32. The much cheaper option is to hire* one when you have time to sail her and in a location where the weather is better than it is in the UK most of the time.


LOA                        32’ 00”

LWL                        28’ 6”

Beam                    10’ 8”

Draught                4’ 7”



Hanse Yachts UK

Hanse 325 (Newer version)

*Hanse 32 for Hire in Australia

Hanse 320 Bareboat Charter

Hanse 320 for Sale £59,950

Hanse 320 for Sale £59,950 (Same as above)

Hanse 320 for Sale £54,134

Hanse 325 Video (Latest version)

Hanse 320 Forum

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

RS Elite Keelboat

Designed by Phil Morrison for members of the Hayling Island Sailing Club in 2003, the RS Elite Keelboat has become popular at several clubs, including the Royal Burnham Yacht Club, where fifteen Elites entered the National Championships held between 14th and 17th July, 2014.*

RS stands for Racing Sailboats, which business manufactures and markets a wide range of racing dinghies, keelboats and a catamaran.

I am not normally interested in racing sailboats, but the RS Elite has attractive sharpie lines that remind me somewhat of the Star class Olympic boat that Phil Morrison campaigned in 1983/4.

Phil is a very successful designer of racing dinghies and keelboats and an equally successful helmsman who has won many trophies.

If you like the look of an RS Elite Keelboat, she’ll set you back £29,150, and that’s without a road trailer! There is a second-hand one advertised at Noble Marine for £9,995: , and there’s another at Clark and Carter for £8,000:



RS Elite Keelboat

RS Elite Class Association

RS Elite

RS Elite

*RS Elite 2014 National Championships

RS Elite National Championships Results

Phil Morrison

Phil Morrison

Phil Morrison

Phil Morrison Boat Designs

2013 Crewsaver RS Elite Stadium Cup

Line Drawing of the RS Elite

Royal Burnham Yacht Club RS Elite Events

Hayling Island Sailing Club – RS Elite News

Star Class


Monday, November 17, 2014

MGC 27 Cruiser-racer

The MGC 27, designed by Rob Humphreys, originally started life as the Contessa 27. At that time, in the early 1980s, she was marketed by Jeremy Rogers, but she was later produced and marketed by MG Yachts who gave her the brand name MGC 27. She was a high performance cruiser-racer that was available with a fin keel or a drop keel.

‘Magic’ featured in the photo that was taken at Rice and Cole is a fin keel version.

Apolloduck currently has 5 for sale between £18,950 and £19,995.


MGC 27 and Contessa 27 Yachtsnet Archive

MGC (Contessa)27 Synergy – MGC 27

Rob Humphreys

Rob Humphreys

MGC 27 (Video of exterior)

MGC 27 (Video of interior)

Apolloduck – MGC 27s for sale on 17th November, 2014

MGC 27 Sold, but nice photos

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Squibs – Part 3

Squib racing is still in pretty good shape, but trawling the NET I have discovered that the boat is no longer being built, and the builder’s licence has been revoked* by the RYA. If anyone has more up-to-date news on this, please let me know.

Here are two more photos to add to others in Parts 1** and 2***

Incidentally, it is stated in a letter**** from the Chairman of the Squib Owners Association that Squibs are safe. (1) I think this should be qualified, because there is a YouTube video*****showing an incident that occurred at Thorpe Bay when a Sandhopper - a twin keel version of the Squib - capsized and sank.

Any boat with an open cockpit is never completely safe. Many years ago a Dragon Class Yacht sank at Torbay whilst racing. She took a large wave, filled and sank. When racing at Thorpe Bay, I saw at close quarters the sinking of an Alacrity twin keel yacht. She, too, took a wave over the cockpit, and within seconds the crew were floundering in the water, and the yacht had completely disappeared. Fortunately both crew members were wearing life jackets and they were picked out of the water within minutes.

(1)In the penultimate sentence Jenny Riley uses the words, ‘………… fair and safe sailing with like minded, helpful, and fun-loving people.’ I understand what she is saying, but when there are strong winds and breaking seas there is always an element of danger.


*RYA Revoke Builder’s Licence (Updated 11th November 2013)

**Squibs – Part 1

***Squibs - Part 2

Parker Liftkeel Yachts goes into liquidation as at July 2009 (Builders of Squibs)

National Squib Owners Association

Squib Sailboat

RYA Squib Information

****A Letter from the Chairman of the Squib Owners Association (31st August 2010)

Sandhopper Racing

Squibs for Sale between £2,450 and £12,000

Squib Sailing on YouTube

*****Sinking of Zeus a Sandhopper at Thorpe Bay

Sandhopper Racing

Alacrity Sailboat

Alacrity 19

Alacrity 19

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hunter Sonata – Part 2

November 2014

November 2011

I note that the same Sonata that was featured in Part 1* is still at Rice and Cole. One thing of which I was unaware is that David Thomas who designed her, deliberately shaped her aft sections to bring the transom just above the waterline to prevent her from planing. As she was meant to be used for racing and cruising, he did not want, in his own words, “to frighten family crews and granny.”  His emphasis was on windward performance, not downwind sailing; hence she is not as stable and predictable before the wind as a boat with a planing hull, i.e., one having a flat and beamy transom, the lower edge of which is at or close to the water's surface.

For more information and photos see my first article.*

22' 7"
18' 5"
8' 6"
4' 6"
Sail Area
David Thomas
Hunter Boats


*Hunter Sonata (Part 1)

PBO Review May 1988

Hunter Sonata

Hunter Association

Sonata’s for Sale between £2,500 and £6,000